Saturday, 16 February 2013

Predictably Unpredictable

By David Johnson @MrDaj. 

Predictably unpredictable....

Can Rees provide the next big upset in the world of boxing?
I’m not going to sit here spouting stats and predictions; I’m just going to get something off my chest... I love boxing..!!

My no.1 sport from childhood is Football (Soccer for my US friends), it won’t change. But one thing I’ve never been able to hide is an undying love and appreciation for the noble art of Boxing.

My memory stretches back to the Naz, Tyson, Benn / Eubank era and the rise and domination of Lennox Lewis... (There are hundreds of other fighters / fights not mentioned I know – in addition to some UK bias).

Being 12 years of age and staying up until 5am to watch Tyson demolish someone, or indeed an ear simply has to be experienced.
The one thing that has always been my downfall in the frustrating, but enjoyable world of boxing predictions has been my penchant for the underdog.

I can see the qualities in any fighter; far beyond the simple admiration of someone who puts their life on the line for their family and sporting achievement. I can “up-sell” the qualities in many an average fighter, and leave (some) friends starting to believe...

I have always been a huge admirer of Floyd Mayweather and known of his incomparable ability, but I continually talked myself into believing the likes of Oscar, Ricky and Sugar Shane had a shot.

Realistically it was unlikely, but imagine if one of them had actually knocked Floyd out, or stopped him in the second round... I would have passed out there and then and not hesitated to shout I told you so. *Yes I know Oscar pushed him close!

The beauty of this sport is that it is all about levels, and if you’re a level above you’ll always win... Well no, actually you won’t because styles make fights and sometimes, someone somewhere, slips up.

Manny Pacquaio v Juan Manuel Marquez 4 was always going to be a great fight, but I was in two minds whether I could handle the 4am alarm call... Well the bug kicked in about 3 weeks before the fight, I counted down the days and boy was I glad I stayed up and witnessed history. I love Manny (in a pure sporting sense of course), but it was amazing sport and amazing viewing!!

This weekend sees Gavin Rees fly the Welsh flag and we all know the likely outcome is a valiant effort by him and a sparkly Broner display ending with a stoppage win for Adrian.

But am I really the only one who would absolutely love it if Gavin upset the bookmakers and won the title? Surely not!! The look on the face of ‘Team Broner’ would be magic and the site of Gary Lockett brushing Rees’s hair as a retort would be TV gold!

In summary, I just love that two guys train excruciatingly hard for 6-12 weeks and go into war with it all on the line, and no matter how obvious the outcome; you cannot 110% tell what the result will be.

Prediction:            Rees to stop Broner in Round 4   ;-)

Until next time...

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  1. I must say that i really love these articles from Dave Johnstone. His passion and knowledge (despite his prediction being wrong :P) of the sport really leap of the screen.

    I for one would like to see more from him. Maybe Dave could interview a past or present boxer as I feel a man who has never stepped inside a ring, could really pit some refreshing and unusual questions to the boxers as he will see things from a totally different angle.

    Hopefully we will see more from Dave in the future as I think he talks a lot of sense, and obviously has a lot to say in regards to the sport.

    Dave do you have a football blog anywhere??? it would be good to read your opinions on another sport to.

    Thanks. Bye.