Sunday, 24 February 2013

Expert From The Armchair

By David Johnson @mrdaj. 

“Expert from the armchair....”

 You only have to read a few tweets, blogs or texts from supposed boxing experts to realise that not many people know what they’re talking about.

I have been watching boxing for 20 years and have pretty much got it down to a tee... BUT – I am not Spencer Fearon, I am not Al Bernstein, I am not Dean Powell and I am not Freddie Roach....

All I do is respect each fighter for who and what they are - But I don’t jump on the bandwagon the second a defeat is inflicted.

You are deemed to “not know your stuff” by simply having a different opinion to another person.

Ear Ache....

If my 16 year old cousin flicked my ear, it would hurt... If an 18.5 stone Tony Thompson clumped me one on the ear I would dance like my Dad at a wedding – IT HAPPENS PEOPLE!!

David Price....

As discussed last week, anyone can win in any fight – IT HAPPENS PEOPLE! But we need to look a little deeper to understand the reasons behind this defeat.

I absolutely love David Price and I did and still do believe he will go on to achieve world titles and be in the big fights over the next decade, but maybe in hindsight there were some oversights.

If David didn’t get caught with that shot, I think he would have stopped Tony Thompson... but then if my Aunt had a *&%* she’d be my uncle!!

Jumping from Skelton to Thompson was probably a calculated risk, but in my humble opinion David looked like he was trying to bang him out straight away regardless of the threat in front of him and to lead with the uppercut exposed him.... (Euro level fight, patience and working the jab = no knockout)

The lad got up, his equilibrium was in the bar, but he got up!

We don’t need to jump on the guy... He’s British, he’s a lovely guy from what I can see and we need to break the mould and support him because he will bring us glory and he will come back stronger.

He didn’t crawl across the ring like Wladimir, he didn’t scramble for his gumshield like Tyson and he didn’tchew the canvass like PacMan... Get over it.

The only way is up....

It’s all a learning curve, and if Pricey is what I think he is then he’s going to be back in the gym ASAP and he’s going to knuckle down and learn from it... He’ll then takesomeone’s head off and we’ll all be experts again saying – I TOLD YOU HE WAS THE BEST!


  1. Great article. Would love to see more Expert In The Armchair pieces in the near future. Well said David Johnstone.

  2. Totally original and completely refreshing to hear such insightful views on boxing from a fellow enthusiast.

    Many subscribe to the "play the game to know the game" school of opinions - but this proves that even people who havent laced a pair of
    gloves in anger can have their say.

    More of the same pls @mrdaj