Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Attention Prediction League Members!

This is just a quick message to all of those who have taken part in our Prediction League over the past 15 weeks or so...

The league was originally scheduled to last to the end of the season (June) but we have decided to move our league to Boxing Mad Mag and start over fresh. Meaning the current league will finish in three weeks times. The new league will then begin on March 30th, but you can start making your predictions now. The reason for this is that Boxing Mad have given us the opportunity to supply prizes for the winner of the league which makes it a beneficial move for us and you the fans. Our current prediction league has been a great success thanks to everyone that has taken part and we hope to carry this success over to the new league and make it even bigger and better.

Really it's exactly the same with just a different link and the opportunity for you to win some great boxing prizes!

As usual, thanks to everyone involved, and good luck for the final few weeks of the season!

Click here to go to the new Prediction League

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