Saturday, 12 January 2013

Denton Vassell looking to shine in 2013!

By Jack Price @PriceyJ97.

Commonwealth welterweight champion Denton Vassell ended 2012 on an extremely high note with a dominant victory over domestic prospect Ronnie Heffron in November. The 28-year old now believes it is time to take the step up to that next level, and he believes a trip to America will help him do that.

"I know with my style I'll get noticed and liked in Vegas. I'm an exciting boxer to watch and they like that in America. They'll love me because of the way I fight," he told Hatton Boxing. "That's why they liked Ricky Hatton over there, because he was all-action and he keep coming forwards."

"I look at all those that have got to the top and boxed there and I don't see them as being any different to me. They've got two arm and two legs and I know I work hard enough to achieve as much as they have."

"I'm ready to go over there as soon as possible. I'm in my prime and I train hard, so why not? There's still titles to win over here, but you never know what might happen in boxing... I want to win the British (title), but there's also the European. I'll take all comers because I train so hard and I believe I can beat anyone and win any title."

A lot of British fans have been calling for a rematch between Vassell and Lee Purdy. Vassell defeated the Colchester man in 2010 to win the Commonwealth title. But some people believe the fight would have a different outcome this time around.

"I've heard that he's said I was scared of fighting him again. Why would I be scared? I've beat him once already," Vassell added.

"When he said I didn't want to fight we both had other fights. He was fighting Colin Lynes and I was matched up with Samuel Colomban. He lost to Lynes as well so he then didn't have nothing for me to fight for. Now he's come back well and won that belt (IBF international title), we can do it again."

The former weightlifter finished the interview by saying: "2013 is my time to shine. I'm prepared to fight anyone."

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