Sunday, 9 December 2012

Yafai stops valiant Perez!

By James McKnight @mckjimbo.

Kal Yafai produced another top class, professional performance last night, but his Spanish opponent, Jorge Perez, put up a stubborn fight.  

Yafai, has now won 6 pro fights in a row. This is his fifth win inside a scheduled distance. He was finding the body of Perez countless times, especially with the left hook. Towards the end of the first round, the Spaniard had no option but to slump to his knees with his back against the ropes as Yafai landed forceful shots upon him. 

Perez was determined to not be beaten and to his credit came back at Yafai. The Spanish Champion though simply could not match the Brit, who was superior in every department. Too quick with both hands, too slick on his feet and too powerful was Yafai.  

Perez was eventually stopped with 46 seconds of round 3 remaining. 

"I got caught a few times with some shots I shouldn't have got caught with, but i've not done many rounds. It was good to get some in there," said Yafai, after his win. 

"He was a tough opponent. He took some and gave some back. Fair play, he came here and had a go." he added. 

Yafai, 23, is likely to be back in the ring some time in January with his team intent on him to fight for an English title. His team are also aiming for him to fight for a British title next Summer.

I've seen Yafai on tv a few times and I went to see him live on Saturday night at the Olympia. It's clear to see how good he is already and how much potential he really has. He's got the tools. He has a swagger about him and not a cocky one. It's a confident, mature swagger. He's got his head screwed on right. 

I'm a big fan of his and i'm confident that he will be a huge success. 

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