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Manny Pacquiao Vs Juan Manuel Marquez IIII - Fight Preview

By Callum Harris (@CalHarris25).

Bob Arum is the CEO of Top Rank boxing promotions , we all know this , but does he have his sights set on Hollywood? ; Because on December 8th the Pacman / Marquez saga continues ! Just like Hollywood when the top wigs start drawing blanks on what their next film will be they fall back on the classic's. Another Star Wars or Indian jones film, basically box office banker. Invertiably When the Timothy Bradly sequel could not be made for the pound for pound great , Manny has been placed with his formidable foe Marquez but has the script been re-written or will the "fourth encounter " follow the too close to call ending that all their predecessors have?.
Manny vs Marquez 1 way back in May 2004 is simply a modern day classic .Manny had just had a stunning win in the previous November, he had shocked Marco Antonio Barrera with an 11th-round TKO to claim the world featherweight championship. Marquez the Mexican boxing technician entered their initial meeting on a 13-fight win streak, having claimed two 126-pound belts along the way. But he had entered the ring with a 24 year old Filipino banger in Manny at "feather weight" with no respect for Pacman's power to his own undoing! Caught on his way inside with a straight left Marquez was staring at The MGM grand celling for the first time . The Mexican would taste the canvas a further two times before he managed to get to the end of the round as Manny was shifting through the gears. Marquez came out in the second round fighting fire with fire and using his fantastic boxing intuition to take Mannys powerful left away by drawing the Filipino in and making him fall short ,countering with combinations . Marquez then went on to earn a draw by taking the remainder of the rounds and with judge Burt C Clement scoring the first round 10-7 instead of 10-6 for the three knockdowns this gave the Mexican the vital point to earn that draw,if Clement had scored the round correctly then Pacman would of won and we may of never had the following fights.
Pacquiao-Marquez I: Power punches
After Juan Manuel Marquez was knocked down three times in the first round and lost Round 2 of his 2004 battle with Manny Pacquiao, Marquez outlanded his rival on power punches in eight of the final 10 rounds.

Round 3 - 11 8
Round 4 - 9 8
Round 5 - 14 6
Round 6 - 13 1
Round 7 - 14 13
Round 8 - 8 5
Round 9 - 10 9
Round 10 - 9 10
Round 11 - 10 8
Round 12 - 7 7
*Courtesy of CompuBox

Juan Manuel Marquez stayed at featherweight for the following three years. After winning four of five fights (he lost to Chris John in 2006), Marquez moved up to junior lightweight and defeated Mexican icon Marco Antonio Barrera to claim a title. During the three years following the first bout Pacquiao also moved up to 130 pounds and starred in a classic trilogy with Erik Morales winning two of their three meetings (both by knockout). He also defeated Barrera in a rematch to set up his second meeting with Marquez. 

Now March 15 th 2008 The sequel was set! fought with the same ferocity, Manny - Marquez 2 only difference was a new twist for a ending . Marquez rocked Manny with a hammer of a left hook in the second with Manny answering the blow by knocking the Mexican down in the third just 20 seconds from the end with a thunderous left.By the 8th Pacman had been repaid with a cut under his right eye!, this would be Marquez's best period of the fight. The final four round were very hard to call as both warriors went blow for blow with each having exciting spells. Just as in the first bout the judges differed.

.115-112 for Pacquiao

.115-112 for Marquez

.114-113 Pacquiao

The third round knockdown had cost Marquez the fight being scored 10-8 the winner by split decision: Manny Pacquiao. 

No knockdowns where to happen in The third battle and the early rounds started slowly as both fighter felt each other out. Both Marquez an Manny picked up the pace in theirselves round being far more aggressive , Marquez landed big power punches as Pacman was content to more around the ring with his fade feet and use his lightning fist throwing scoring punches. At the end of round ten Trainer Nacho Beristain told Marquez that he was winning so the Mexican was content to turn down his aggression and finish the last two rounds with out conceding a knockdown. This aloud Manny to take the last two rounds and the fight! As Manny was proclaimed the winner Marquez storm out of the area, both he and Nacho Beristain have always believed that they won all three bouts Nacho stating after the third fight

"In the 52 years that I've been in boxing, I've never seen a robbery like this. The three judges who issued the results are unworthy of being in this sport. We are studying the possibility that through our lawyers we are going to file a complaint with the court against the three judges, with the intention that they be separated from boxing for life. And also to explore the possibility that the same court could overturn the result. I think there is enough evidence to win the case."
This bold statement never came to past.

These protests have Prompted trainer Freddie Roch and Manny declaring that their must only one outcome to their fourth outing with the Mexican duo, and that's a win by K.O. Any points win will leave doubt and for wildcard pairing this can not happen again.

So come December we know one thing for sure,that we will be in for a awesome fight one way or another as these two modern grates have never failed to entertain boxing fans in the past .I already hope theirs a 5th bout in Bob Arums script sheets.

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