Sunday, 16 December 2012

Khan does what he needs to do.

By Jack Price @PriceyJ97.

Amir Khan returned to winning ways last night when he forced Carlos Molina to withdraw from the fight after 10 dominant rounds. With this win he picked up the WBC 'silver' light-welterweight title, but this meant nothing, it was all about rebuilding his severely damaged confidence for Khan in this fight. And going by his attitude during and after the fight, it seems like he has done so.

If we were just looking at the fight as two men, with no backgrounds, just punching each other for 10 rounds then it was a very impressive performance from Amir Khan. However, before we all get too carried away we have to remember that he was in there with an un-ranked lightweight with a KO% of around 40%. 

There wasn't much difference in his style in this fight compared to the past, but it was just a more positive Khan overall. Virgil Hunter seems to have regained the 26-year old's focus and it did show last night. Khan dominated in almost every round of the fight, with his speed and skill proving way too much for his clearly over-matched opponent. There were a few danger signs when Molina did get through with left-hooks or straight rights but his power didn't trouble Khan at all. 

The referee was more than willing to stop the fight at any time from around the 7th round onwards but Molina and his team managed to convince him to give them "one more round" about 3 or 4 times. The fight was stopped at the right time. Molina was cut, battered, bruised, and stood no chance of winning the fight, which is why his team didn't really complain when the fight was eventually stopped.

That's all I can really say about the fight. It was exactly what we were expecting. Khan dominated, rebuilt his confidence and got the rounds in.

It was a pretty low-key night for Khan at first. It looked like he was just going to get in the ring, do the business, talk about it a bit after and not actually call anyone out for once. But oh no, Khan can never be in front of a camera and not call somebody out. This time it was Danny 'Swift' Garcia. The man who brutally demolished and KO'd Khan back in July.

In the post-fight interview Khan claimed: "If I was fighting Danny Garcia tonight, I would have knocked him out."

Now I'm sorry, but I do not agree with this at all, and I'm sure a lot of you don't either. Khan may have improved his defence, he may have improved his technique, he may have a more positive attitude, but there will come a point in that fight where he gets caught with that left-hook again. And think about it, we've seen it before.. Khan's glass chin mixed with Garcia's devastating power, there's only one outcome: Khan on his backside again.

If I was Khan, I would not go anywhere near this fight for some time. Even if he was 100% confident with his new fighting style, there will always be that lingering memory in the back of his mind of the day Garcia tore him apart.

If he goes the smart way about things, he will take on a decent fighter at light-welterweight who can box but can't hit hard next. A rematch with Paul McCloskey would sell pretty well still in England. In fact, any Khan fight would sell out in the UK. I do think 'King' Khan can make it back to world level, but as soon as he gets there he will get found out again.

As for Molina, he needs to return to lightweight. He looked out of place tonight. He was just simply too small and too weak to compete with Khan who is a big 140-pounder. Its not all over for Molina, he's still young, its still early in his career and we may see him picking up some titles at 135lb in the future. 

2013 is a make or break year for Amir Khan. Let's just hope he takes the fights that we want to see him in. He's promised a "massive" year so we should see some interesting match-ups announced in the coming months.

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