Sunday 25 November 2012

Miguel Cotto Vs Austin Trout - Fight Preview

By @davies18ass.

December 1st of next month Is a very special date for boxing fans. Why ? Simply because Miguel Cotto will be back In action against the stylish Austin Trout. Trout, who is from Las Cruces New Mexico, faces his hardest test to date against the war hardened Cotto , who is a legendary fighter from Caguas, Puerto Rico. 

Trout , who is the reigning WBA light middleweight champion is coming of a 12 round unanimous decision victory over Delvin Rodriguez and will enter the fight with Cotto very confident. He goes into the fight as the reigning champion with an undefeated record of (25-0-0-14ko's). Trout is well known for his fast hands and a slick and tricky boxing style, he is also a southpaw. 

Cotto has won five world titles in three weight divisions and is considered to be one of the best fighters coming out of Puerto Rico ever. In his last fight he fought pound for pound great Floyd Mayweather Jr. Although Cotto lost, it was a much closer and competitive fight than most people anticipated. Cotto was very competitive from the first bell to the last. 

My prediction is that after a hard fought battle between two good fighters Cotto will take a well deserved decision over the champion Trout. The fight will also be held in MSG where Cotto is loved by everyone. 

Here are some reasons on why I think Cotto will beat Trout: 

1. Cotto has faced by far the better competition of the two. He's fought P4P contenders such as , Floyd Mayweather Jr , Zab Judah , Antonio Margarito , Randall Bailey and Manny Pacquiao. 
2. Trout's most notable victory is over Delvin Rodriguez in his last fight , and with no disrespect to Rodriguez , he isn't in the same league as the "big names". 

In the end of this battle between two great Warriors I expect Cotto to catch another world title. Who do you guys think is going to win ?

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