Sunday, 25 November 2012

Berto and Guerrero leave it all in the ring!

We expected it to be a good one, we expect some action, but we did not expect what we were given by Andre Berto and Roberto Guerrero last night when they fought it out for the WBA interim welterweight title. You would of fought these guys were fighting for the world title or even their lives the way they were going at it. 

What shocked many people in this fight was the way Guerrero changed his style and just chose to get inside and brawl for the whole of this fight. Many people picked him to keep the fight at a distance and to not get involved. This probably shocked Berto too and may have even been one of the reasons why he lost the fight. These tactics were clear from the off when Guerrero came out fast and sent Berto crashing to the canvas with three short and sharp left hooks in round 1. Berto rose to his feet only to be sent down again in round 2. At this point it looked as though the fight was going to be over very soon, but Berto dug deep and fought his way back into the fight.

Neither man really took a step back in this fight, and even when they did the other man took a step forward and kept the gap close once again. The whole fight was fought on the inside.

I had two points in it with two rounds left. It really did just depend on which fighter wanted it more. Skill and level wise there was nothing between, Guerrero just proved to be the fighter with a little more heart. Berto did enough to win the 11th but Guerrero applied non-stop pressure in the 12th whilst Berto started to look very tired. It was probably Berto's work rate that actually cost him the fight. He was landing clean and effective punches but just not enough of them. 

Guerrero was announced as the unanimous decision winner and rightly so. The judges scorecards were slightly wide (all 116-112). I had it scored 115-113 to Berto. 

Win or lose, both men gave a good account of themselves in this fight. Guerrero does finally deserve the fight he has wanted for so long, Floyd "Money" Mayweather. I don't really give him any chance of beating Mayweather but seeing as the fights we want to see Floyd in are not getting made, this is probably the best realistic fight possible. Berto, in my opinion, should take a step down in level for one of two fights. Maybe Marcos Maidana or even the winner of Kell Brook Vs Devon Alexander. He'll probably take a relatively long break after tonight but you can expect to see him back at world level very soon. 

The welterweight division continues to bulge with talent and competition. It just grows stronger and stronger with every fight.

By Jack Price @PriceyJ97 -

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