Sunday, 25 November 2012

As one star leaves, another one arrives!

Scott Quigg Vs Rendall Munroe was slightly overshadowed last night. It was on the undercard of Ricky Hatton's highly anticipated comeback and unfortunately wasn't given the amount of attention it really did deserve. Hopefully a lot of people saw Scott Quigg's impressive and dominant performance and remember his name because he is definitely one for the future!

There was something about the way he through his body shots that reminded me of a young Ricky Hatton. Although he does also have the ability to fight at a distance and pick his opponents off. He dominated the fight from the start and eventually stopped his 32-year old experienced opponent in just 6 rounds. Munroe is a very, very good fighter and Quigg looked a class above him tonight. It was actually the first time Munroe has ever been stopped in his career which is a very good thing for Quigg to have on his CV when you think that Munroe has been in with world class fighters like Toshiaki Nishioka. 

I wasn't even really a fan of Quigg before seeing this fight. I obviously knew he was a talented, fit and fresh fighter, but I always doubted if he was actually "something special." Now I realise he is. The way he dominated tonight has actually moved him up to No.1 in my British super-bantamweight rankings. 

A fight with Carl Frampton would logically and ideally be a next, but logic doesn't always come into the boxing world so to be honest I can't see that happening next. I think its most likely that we'll see Quigg in with a decent, well-known international fighter next, maybe in America just to build up his reputation and popularity a little bit. Then he can go on to bigger and better things and eventually get that world title shot that now looks like a realistic aim. 122lb is an extremely competitive division at the moment. Quigg is not ready for the best at the weight yet, but given time he will be. 
Munroe Vs Frampton seems like a realistic fight that would be good to see next. It would give Munroe one last shot at the big time and give us a good comparison as to where Frampton is compared to Quigg. Don't forget about Munroe, I don't think we've seen the last of him yet. He'll never be an elite level fighter again but he can still become a domestic level contender and maybe win the British title when Quigg and Frampton move on to the next level. 

So as we say farewell to Hatton tonight, we say hello to one of his brightest young fighters Scott Quigg. 

By Jack Price @PriceyJ97 -

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