Sunday, 14 October 2012

Price finishes Audley early!

Coming into the biggest fight of his career so far, but against maybe not the best opponent, David Price knew he had to make a statement. If he didn't look perfect against Audley Harrison last night, those doubters would have jumped straight onto the opportunity of saying he's not as good as people have made out.

Fortunately for Price and his army of fans that filled out the arena, he did make a statement, and it was a very, very big one. Audley, as expected, came out to boos. Its not right to boo any boxer but he had to expect it going into a hostile arena in his opponents home town. 

It was a hesitant start from both fighters. Audley occasionally threw his back hand, but didn't land, and Price just kept pawing away with his jab. Then suddenly after just over a minute gone Price landed a crushing right hand which sent Audley stumbling backwards. "Pricey," realising he had his opponent hurt, pinned "A-Force" to the craps and landed a few more devastating shots. The referee jumped in at 1 minute 22 seconds as Audley fell to the floor unconscious.

At this point the doubters were silenced. They had nothing to moan about. Price had finished Audley off in less than a round, something that nobody else has ever been able to do. 

However, unfortunately Price's doubters, once again, do have something to moan about. His next opponent has been announced as the 45-year old Matt Skelton. A man who was once a decent domestic heavyweight but now no more than a strong but very, very slow old man. He has some power which could trouble Price's chin but its hard to see him actually landing any punches. Hopefully this will be the last domestic level fight we see Price in and right after that he can move up to European or maybe even fringe world level.

By Jack Price @PriceyJ97.

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