Saturday, 15 September 2012

'Super Frank' does it again!

'Super' Frank Buglioni had yet another early night on Friday (September 14th) as he made light work of Joe Rea, finishing him in just two rounds.

It was a slight step up for Buglioni who has still now only had six fights but he did exactly the same to the Irishman that he did to the rest of the guys he has been fighting so far. Buglioni showed composure and just waited for the knockout to come as he was very confident that it would. He had Rea down in the first and then just dominated him in the second before the ref was forced to stop the fight.

There are still people moaning about the level of opposition that Buglioni has faced, like there is with most up and coming fighters, but what most people seem to forget is that he has only had six fights, there is no need to rush this guy. He seems to be improving every time we see him and has a bright and exciting future ahead of him. He's the type of guy he will be in exciting fights over and over again because he has a style that the fans want to see.

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