Friday, 14 September 2012

My thoughts on the return of Ricky Hatton.

The world of boxing news has been taken over today. There is only one story that boxing fans all around the world, and that's even casual boxing fans as well, and that story is the comeback of Ricky Hatton. We've known about it for a very long time, it was even called boxing's worst kept secret, but we were never quite sure if it was true. But now it has been confirmed, British boxing fans will once again have the privilege of seeing 'The Hitman' back in the ring.

Now, I'm trying to be as upbeat and optimistic as possible about this as you all probably know, I have been slightly worried about this and how it could end up. I want it to be a successful comeback, I really do... But there is a big chance that it could go wrong for the 33-year old Mancunian. He hasn't been in the ring for over three years and we all know what happened the last time he entered the squared-circle. He was disposed of in two rounds against an in-prime Manny Pacquiao. And just two years before that he was given a boxing lesson against the pound-for-pound king Floyd 'Money' Mayweather. There is no shame in losing to these two men but everybody knows, once you get beaten like that against these two guys, you will never be the same again. He has also had to lose a lot of weight recently, I believe he weighs around 11st 6lb at this current time so he does still have a little to lose if he wants to make welterweight. Has he struggled to lose the weight?.. I don't think so... Will it be strange fighting in the ring once you have lost all of that weight?.. A big YES. 
This is what I think will be the biggest problem for Hatton; Whether he can keep up with the boxing world. Will he be tempted to go back to the way he has been for the past few years? Or can he dedicate his life to the sport in the way he needs to? If he can overcome this then his comeback will have a lot more chance of being successful.

One thing I do like about Ricky Hatton is that he admits he has made mistakes in the past and just wants to come back from that and better himself. He has regrets but I believe he will be able to get rid of those regrets by fulfilling the dreams he has had for a very long time. Now I'm not saying that he's going to become pound-for-pound king or the best welterweight in the world, I'm just saying that I think he can, and deserves the right to, finish his career on a high. 

So to sum it all up... I am backing the Ricky Hatton comeback and I just pray to God that everything goes right for him. He's going to be a big ticket seller (I will be one of the many fans buying a ticket for his fights), and I do believe that with the right backing, team and plan, he can become world champion again. Good luck Ricky!

By Jack Price (@PriceyJ97)

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