Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Kessler Vs Magee is a done deal!

'The Viking Warrior' Mikkel Kessler.
It has now been confirmed that former two-time super-middleweight champion Mikkel Kessler will face world contender Brian Magee for a vacant title sometime in the near future.

The date and location have not been confirmed but Kessler's promoter Kalle Sauerland has revealed that the bout has been finalised. Going by what has been said so far, I think it's almost a certainty that the fight will be in Denmark.

“This will be a massive event, I believe the whole country will get behind Mikkel,” said Sauerland. “(Kessler) can become world champion for a record fourth time and restore the Danish boxing pride by avenging the bitter KOs of Rudy Markussen and Mads Larsen."

“It’s taken a while but now all is signed and sealed, except for the venue and the date, which we expect to be finalized shortly. Magee will feel the wrath of the Viking Warrior! It’s a question of honor!"

Kessler's confidence is sky-high at the moment, as he is coming off of a three-fight win streak, and he believes that this is a tough fight, but one he is definitely going to win.

“I look forward to fighting Magee,” said 'The Viking Warrior'. “He’s a good boxer with a lot of heart. It takes something to come to Denmark and knock out both Mads and Rudy. But his winning streak will end when we meet."

“I am very keen to be world champion again and Magee cannot prevent this from happening. It will be interesting as I think it will be a little like a national team match, I am a proud Dane and this guy will take a beating for having knocked out my countrymen.”

Magee has a fantastic history again Danish boxers. He has scored knockouts over two highly-rated Danish boxers (Mads Larsen & Rudy Markussen) and he believes that this will be a third success for him in Denmark.

“I am ready for the hat-trick of KO´s,” said Magee. “I´ve stopped Larsen, I´ve stopped Markussen and now it´s Kessler´s turn. He´s a great fighter, no doubt about that, but I have the tools to break him."

“He ran from a fight earlier in the year after he was ringside and witness to the destruction of Markussen but now I have him and he will go the same way. I have already commenced early training and I am working on a fight plan with my coach Bernardo Checa. Denmark has been good to me and I am happy to be going back."

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