Monday, 6 August 2012

Magee will still fight for WBA title...

Its official, the fight between WBA "regular" super-middleweight champion Karoly Balzsay and Interim champ Brian Magee is off. The reason for this is that Balzsay claimed that he was suffering from a back injury that prevented him from training efficiently and he was able to supply the WBA with medical evidence. 
The fight was originally scheduled for July 7th but rumours were heard thay Balzsay wasn't even attempting to train for that fight. Magee and his team agreed to push the date back to September 22nd but that still wasn't enough time for Balzsay to prepare and become fighting fit.

Team Magee have been given permission by the WBA to pick a ranked opponent from the top 15 for a date that will be announced in the near future. They are allowed to pick an opponent that is not ranked in the top 15 but it must be approved by the WBA. 

The fight will be for the "regular" title and is looking most likely to happen in October or November.

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