Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Heffron Vs Barnes scheduled for October 12th!

Yet another fantastic domestic clash has been created by Coldwell Boxing. Dave Coldwell has announced that on October 12th former two-time British champion David Barnes will face the highly rated British prospect Ronnie Heffron in Manchester. 

Coldwell Boxing is renowned for putting on small-hall classics and this is very likely to be no different. Barnes and Heffron are both fighters that can draw a relatively large number of fans and it is almost definitely a crossroads fight. Barnes is considered to be reaching the end of his career and could be on his way out whereas Heffron is new to the game and looking to prove that he's ready to step up a level.  

Dave Coldwell gave his thoughts on the fight: 

"This is the type of challenge that David needs and I've got no doubt that we'll see him back to his best when he's in there with Heffron... This is the type of fight that excites fans and I'm hoping the TV companies are watching because they're going to find out what Coldwell Boxing is all about. We wanted a hard fight for David and we wanted a fight that was going to bring out the fans. It only took one phone call to make the fight and that shows you how easy fights can be made." 

There once was a time when Barnes was Britain's most promising prospects and looked destined for great things. Unfortunately he didn't live up to his big expectations. This could be one of his last chances of reviving his slightly declining career. 

Coldwell believes the main reason that this fight will be so entertaining is that both fighters have a lot to prove so they will both have a strong will to win. 

"The beauty of this fight is that both boxers are going in there with a point to prove. Ronnie is the youngster with a lot of hype and he has to beat Barnes if he is to fulfil all the expectations that people have placed on his shoulders. For David, he wants to win the Lonsdale title again and if he's to do to that then a man of his experience really has to be defeating the young prospects who want his spot. This is a fight that excites me a lot and I just can't wait for the first bell to go on October 12th."

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