Thursday 12 July 2012

Haye-Chisora: Weigh-In Coverage

At 3:00pm today (July 12th), David Haye and Dereck Chisora went face-to-face for the final time before their highly anticipated grudge match at Upton Park on Saturday. The two men met at the Odeon in Leicester for the weigh-in for their heavyweight title fight.

There were never really any worries about the weight as you all know, there is no weight limit to the heavyweight division. The 1000+ fans that crammed in to watch the two top British heavyweights weigh in, were not there to check if they made the weight. They were there to see the two most controversial fighters in British boxing at this current time, go face-to-face and trash-talk each other for one last time.

Both men weighed around their expected weight but there was a little surprise when we found out that Chisora, who looked in good shape compared to usual, was 37lb heavier than Haye. 'Delboy' weighed in at 237lb and the 'Hayemaker' tipped the scales at just 210lb. Both men looked in shape, although Haye did look in slightly better condition.

The only thing left to do now for these guys is to have it out in the ring, solve their problems and settle the score once and for all. The trash-talking is finished, the bragging is finished, the stare-downs are finished... It's time for these two men to climb in to the ring and just FIGHT! They are Licensed To Thrill!

Below are some pictures captured at today's weigh in:

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