Friday 1 June 2012

Seth Mitchell suffers hand injury...

According to reports, American heavyweight Seth Mitchell has suffered a hand injury whilst training for his July 14th fight with Johnathon Banks. There have been many rumours going around that he is pulling out of the fight but Mitchell's manager has denied this and says that there is a "hand problem" but the fight is still on for now.
If the injury is serious then Team Mitchell have to be very careful as hand injuries are noth something to be messed around with. If Mitchell choses to fight and damages his hand evn more in the process it could cause major problems in the long-term.
The fans will not be too disappointed if the fight does not take place. Mitchell is America's biggest heavyweight hope but his opponent, Banks, is not the level of opposition that many people want to see "Mayhem" Mitchell in the ring with.
Banks has had a half-decent career so far but he is not a 'well-known' fighter that will get Mitchell the publicity he needs to make it further in the sport. He once challenged Tomasz Adamek for the cruiserweight world title and although he lost, he put up a good fight and didn't look bad in defeat. Since moving up to heavyweight he has a record of 8-0-1 but he has not really fought anyone of any note.
If we find out any more details about whether the fight is or isn't on we will let you know straight away.

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