Sunday, 10 June 2012

Interview with Peter Fury

This weeks interview is with Tyson Fury's trainer
and uncle Peter Fury...

Peter Fury's star men: Hughie and Tyson Fury.
Your nephew looked great in his last fight looked great in his last fight against Martin Rogan... How much input did you give to his new style?

100%. I did the nutrition, strength, conditioning my self. Changed many things, how to mentally prepare and work to a game plan, this in previous bouts had been missing? Defence, foot work and boxing with his natural advantages, being patient, and above all telling him if he listens and does exactly what we have prepared for, then all is good!
A big factor was not having any concerns of going the distance at any pace! He's in super shape, and only now concentrates on the Boxing aspect of the fight. 
How are things going in the Fury camp right now?

Things in the camp are fine, were all happy, working on a lot of small things to get right, and focussed! For me its easy he's my nephew, just like my son, he respects me as he knows what I say works for him, And I respect him also as he's a very nice person to be around. And above all he listens!!
How much are you enjoying being Tyson's head coach?

I enjoy the challenge of head coach, althoe I don't see it as that, as much as protecting him and giving him every advantage possible, I'm passionate in my work for excellence, were not their yet!
Is there anyone particular that you would like Tyson to fight next?

Tysons next opponent for me needs to be a good test as we want learning fights in preparation for the big fights out their, he's 18+0. And now needs to step up in class to the next level. Padding some ones record so it looks good to make the promoters money is not what were about, or Tyson s promoter Mick Hennessy, we all appreciate the need for quality other than quantity!
What did you change about the way Tyson used to be trained that made such a huge improvement in a short space of time?

The changes was dramatic, his diet, sparring, mental state, balance, footwork, defence, patience and professionalism and sheer bloody hard work in the gym 6 days 2 times a day total 4 hours per day. 
How long do you think it will be until Tyson will be ready for a Klitschko?

The younger klichko has learned and honed his skills very well, I'm a big fan of both of them for how they portray Boxing around the world. These are seasoned world champions and the best out their by far. I would say Tysons 4 to 5 fights away. Late next year Tyson will be ready for such a challenge, he could fight one of them now, but we are not interested in a challenge, but to win the world title!
There were recently rumours of a fight between Tyson and Alexander Povetkin but it now looks like this isn't going to happen... What happened?

Povetkins management are hard work full stop. Their Team are not interested in Tyson fury.
Are you currently training anyone else as well as Tyson? If so, who are they? And how much potential do you think they have?

I train my son who's just won the junior ABAs few weeks ago, he's also a national uk champion at 2 weight divisions and beat the best out their for his current position. He's. 6ft 6. And also H.W. 17yrs old, he's now Boxing for England team in Tri nations 14th june. He's aim is getting a medal in 2016 Olympics then pro. 
I have my other nephew phil fury, he's had 13 W 10. L3. 
This is 1st time he's been in my camp, I'm putting him out at welter, where as in all his previous bouts he's been light heavy and middle weight. 
I give advice to other fighters as well.
What are Team Fury's aims and objectives for the future?

Aims for future, take every fight as it comes, learn from it and move to next one. Perfect what I see as the perfect fighter and look forward to being part of it. 
And finally, a question from one of our fans.. What do you think of Haye Vs Chisora and who do you think will win?

Chisora V Haye? Haye's a world class operator clever Boxer with explosive power! People speak of the klichko fight and see him as the toe excuse. I'm no fan of the way haye behaved in the biuld up. But he thought it would get under their skin, instead it backfired all round. 
Hayes a good fighter, chisora, good, pressure fighter, but no real power? I pick Mr Haye. 

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