Monday 28 May 2012

Ward praises Froch, Dirrell disses Bute...

Ward beats Froch back in December of last year.
Fellow super-middleweights Andre Ward and Andre Dirrell were not surprised with what they saw in the fight between Carl Froch and Lucian Bute on Saturday night (May 26th). The top names at 168lb did not think much of Bute and believed he was being over-hyped. And they were proved right.

It took Froch, who lost to Ward but beat Dirrell, just 5 rounds to stop Bute, who had previously fought most of his fights in his home town.

Prior to the fight, pound-for-pound contender Ward wrote - "I can envision Froch putting a lot of pressure on Bute, and physically and mentally breaking him down." This is exactly what happened so it just goes to show that the boxers do know their stuff.

After the fight, he wrote - "Bute can be broken. Well, what can you say? Carl fought the right fight by pressing Bute and answering him whenever Bute did land. It worked!"

Andre Dirrell lashed out at Bute for his poor performance and was harsh with with his words - "Bute is a bum. He can't even make it to the corner. Welcome to the real world Bute."

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