Monday, 21 May 2012

Scott Harrison could return to prison!

Former WBO featherweight champ Scott Harrison.
Former featherweight champion Scott Harrison was released from prison last year and vowed that he would forget his past and just focus on becoming a champion again.

However, things have been very different. He hasn't stayed out of all trouble at all. There have already been a few stories in the news this year about him being caught shoplifting and doing other sorts of crimes and now it looks like he could be returning to the jail he was released from for additional charges to the crime he committed.

Harrison is set to stand a trial in Spain later this year for charges that date back to 2007, when he allegedly assaulted three men and one of them apparently committed suicide shortly after the assault. It is not clear whether Harrison will be charged for this but friends of the victim blamed the suicide and Harrison's assault.

In his last visit to prison, he found himself spending two and a half years in the Costa Del Sol for an incident in 2006 where he assaulted a police officer and stole a car. The sentence at one point was anything up to eight years but Harrison entered a guilty plea meaning that the time was reduced. 

All of these troubles and crimes, caused his promoter Frank Maloney to leave him as he claimed he was "too much trouble. At this current time it looks as though Harrison will never fight again and will just have remember and dream about the times when he was one of the best in the world. 

His next outing is set for June 29th but this is very much in doubt. More information on the whole situation will come very shortly.

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