Wednesday 2 May 2012

Ricky Hatton is supporting Cotto on Saturday!

Mayweather had too much for Hatton.
Former world champion Ricky Hatton has said that he will be backing WBA light-middleweight champion Miguel Cotto in his fight with Floyd Mayweather on Saturday. But, he does reckon he is backing a loser.

Hatton has shared the ring with Mayweather and he knows just what it is like to be in the squared-circle with the greatest of this era. In the 'Hitman's' eyes, there is nobody in the world that is Mayweather's level. However, he does believe that Cotto will not go down without a fight.

"I would rather watch Cotto than Mayweather everyday, but you have to give credit where it is due," said Hatton, 33. "Cotto is a wonderful fighter, but although that I don't really see eye-to-eye with Mayweather he is an absolute boxing genius... I do think fighters like myself and Cotto bring the bestout of Mayweather so people in Las Vegas and watching on BoxNation will see a good fight."

When Hatton and Mayweather met, it was one of the biggest fights of the decades. More than 300,000 fans travelled to Las Vegas to watch the Hitman's brave effort against the P4P No.1 and despite their differences Hatton believes that Mayweather is the best opponent he ever faced. He also believes that the Mayweather-Cotto fight will go the same as his clash with 'Money' Mayweather.

"I think it could have a similar pattern to my fight against Mayweather... It will be hairy scary for a few rounds but I think Mayweather will take the sting out of him and come through on a late stoppage or points."

The Mayweather-Cotto fight takes place on Saturday in Las Vegas. It will be shown live on HBO PPV (America) and BoxNation (UK).


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