Saturday 12 May 2012

Argument over Floyd Mayweather ends in death...

A 31-year old man named Allen Robinson has been accused of killing a 20-year old in Phoenix because he was offended that the young man was not a fan of world super-middleweight champion Floyd Mayweather Jr. The alleged shooter, Robinson has been charged with first-degree murder.

Police believe that Robinson along with another man approached the victim Francisco Suarez and a 19-year old friend outside of a convenience store. The two men asked the under-age men to go in and buy them alcohol as the shopkeeper would not sell it to them because he believed they were drunk. The conversation somehow turned into a discussion about Mayweather and Miguel Cotto who had fought each other just a few hours before. Apparently Robinson got frustrated and upset that the men weren't fans of Mayweather, he then fired a gun several times and killed Suarez.

The man who accompanied Allen Robinson on the night has turned himself into the police. More will come on this story when more information is released.

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