Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Andre Berto may not have been cheating!

A further analysis of Andre Berto's failed VADA drug test reveal traces nandrolone so minute that is almost certainly contamination, rather than an attempt to cheat. It could have even been picked mistakenly in some sort of food or supplement.

Gabriel Montoya revealed all there is to know last night: "Sources have informed me that analysis of Berto's positive tests results for nandrosterone (a metabolic byproduct of nandrolone) revealed "ultra-trace amounts of Nandrolone in the low parts per trillion range and consistent with contamination not intent... In other words, the amount in his system is so minute [very little] that it is highly unlikely that he intentionally ingested nandrolone but was rather contaminated by food or a supplement."

Now, this is definitely good news for Berto and his team but there's still going to be those people who never believe this story and will always have Andre Berto and his team down as drug cheats. 

One thing that has been proved, is that these VADA tests work very well and they will pick up any illegal substance that is in your body so there is no way of cheating the test. This is good for the sport but not always good for the fighters as they may not be taking these substances in an attempt to cheat. It's likely that they just don't know what it is or they don't actually even know they are using it, if they have picked it up in food, drink or supplement.

Victor Ortiz's manager Rolando Arrelano spoke out in support of the tests and thinks that this type of testing should be embraced by all.

"If you are reluctant to hire someone or something that's going to improve your sport and protect the safety of the fighter, then that's a problem. That's not what this is supposed to be about. The fighters are the essence of the sport. Without them, there's no managers, no promoters and no boxing content," said Arellano. "So as a sport, we need to take care of the people who provide paychecks for all of us. If you're not looking out for the fighter, I mean, if that's the case, then that means that you're condoning potentially illegal substances for the purpose of the almighty dollar."

All of this means one thing, boxers and their trainers are going to have to become experts and make sure they know whatever they are taking is legal. This is harder than it sounds because it's impossible to know sometimes. VADA are probably going to have to offer lessons and advice to those who want it so they can make sure that they know what is going into their body.

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