Monday, 23 April 2012

Gallagher wants Crolla Vs Matthews rematch to happen in Liverpool!

Joe Gallagher
Joe Gallagher, the trainer of Anthony Crolla has spoken out saying that Crolla should be given a chance of redemption against the new British champion Derry Matthews.

Crolla was stopped by Matthews in the 6th round on Saturday night in what was one of the biggest upsets of the year. This was a voluntary defence for Crolla, who suffered the first stoppage of his career, so Gallagher believes that Matthews should repay the favour.

"We gave Derry Matthews a chance and he should repay the favour" said Gallagher. " We've done it in Manchester, now let's do it in Liverpool. This has got the potential to be a great series in the manner of Jamie Moore and Michael Jones."

It was a great fight between the Mancunian (Crolla) and the Liverpudlian (Matthews) where both fighters gave it their all. The fans loved the fight and would definitely like to see it again, and Matthews is no coward. He will fight whoever you put in front of him so looking at all of these aspects, the rematch will almost certainly happen.

Gallagher believes that because of the first bout the second fight will attract even more interest.

"It was a fantastic fight and I'm sure television would want to see it again - this time in an even bigger arena," said Britain's No.1 trainer.

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