Saturday, 21 April 2012

Biggest boxer in the world makes debut next week!

Morten Poulsen steps over top rope.
Next Saturday (April 28th) Team Kimose and Team Vester will promote their first show ever. The pro/amateur show will take place in the outskirts of Copenhagen, Denmark.

Three Danish fighters will be making their professional debut. The main event includes the biggest boxer in the world Morten Poulsen. He weighs around 240lb is believed to be 7'2". The Danish giant will face Letvian Andris Naglis (2-1-1, 1 KO) over four rounds.

Poulsen is 37 years old and has a record of 4 wins from 4 fights as an amateur. He has received a tremendous amount of publicity due to his size, which is just over 2 inches taller than the former 'biggest boxer' and heavyweight champion of the world Nikolai Valuev.

There has already been rumours of a fight between Poulsen and Valuev if Poulsen can live up to the expectations of his relatively large fan base and Valuev still has it in him to fight again after his loss to David Haye. Imagine being the referee in that fight!

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