Saturday 21 April 2012

Anthony Crolla is on his way to the top!

Anthony 'Million Dollar' Crolla
British boxing's Mr Nice Guy, Anthony Crolla is quickly becoming one of the best in Britain, and he's doing it in his own unique way. He doesn't believe in trash-talking or show boating he just wants to let his boxing do the talking. This attitude has earned him a lot of fans and will likely get him very far in the future.

"It doesn't cost anything to be polite to people," said Crolla. "I want to be known for my boxing, for entertaining people in the ring - not trash talking. I don't want to be known for that. I wasn't brought up like that."

Crolla also went on to say that even if he did get in a bust-up at a weigh-in or bad mouth somebodies family, his mum would give him a far worse beating than anyone in the ring would.

"My mum would kill me if she ever saw me getting in a fight at a weigh-in or something like that. If she ever saw me slap someone she'd give me a good hiding."

Crolla with trainer Joe Gallagher
Do not let him fool you, the current British lightweight champion is completely different inside the ring. He takes no prisoners and delivers punishing blows have shown us that he has got the ability to go very far in his career. In the last three years he has delivered some of the most thrilling stoppages anybody has ever seen. His victims include Michael Brodie, Andy Morris and John Watson.

His next fight is tonight against Derry Matthews and his trainer Joe Gallagher believes that he is at the best he's ever been.

"For this fight I've seen even more from Anthony, some real bad intentions in his punching that wasn't there in the past."

Crolla believes that it was his decision to team up with Joe Gallagher that made him even hungrier for success. He had already suffered two losses before moving to Gallagher's gym but since then he hasn't looked back. 'Million Dollar' Crolla has quickly became one of the most popular fighters in British boxing and in a few fights time he could be challenging for a world title.

There is nothing bad I can say about this rare breed of fighter. I wish him a lot of luck in the future but he definitely doesn't need it.


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