Sunday, 18 March 2012

Sergio Martinez calls out Mayweather!

Mayweather (left) , Martinez (right)
Sergio Martinez and his promoter Lou DiBella has given Floyd Mayweather an offer he simply can't refuse. Martinez has announced that he is willing to drop to 150lb and take the fight at an 80-20 split in Mayweather's favour.

''Floyd would be favoured at 150. Cotto is a dead man at 154. Cotto is a half-shot. He's a great fighter but he gets hit by everything! He incented Cotto to make a big money fight. It's very smart business. If he wants to handicap Sergio, we'll fight him as low as 150 and offer him 80% of the money.'' said DiBella.

Martinez hasn't been at 150lb since 2003 so it could be a struggle for him to get there but he no doubt would want to do it to get the chance to face the No.1 fighter in the world and he simply needs the big fights. His last few opponents have been good but they have not been against the main superstars of the sport, such as, Chavez Jr, Pacquiao or Mayweather.

This fight would almost certainly build Martinez's reputation and popularity and that is exactly what the 37 year old needs to be able to start making big money.

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