Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Lennox Lewis to return to the ring?

''For 100 million I'd come back'' were the words of former World Heavyweight Champion Lennox Lewis speaking to a German reporter.

Lennox Lewis in fight with Vitali Klitschko back in 2003.
Although it's hard to believe that he will ever return to the ring as he is now 46 and had his last professional fight back in 2003, but boxing fans can still hope that 'The Lion' will make a comeback and end the boredom of the heavyweight division. 

This is actually the reason that Lewis is slightly contemplating returning. He believes that right now heavyweight boxing is at it's worst as the Kiltschko's are dominating and their fights are insanely boring.

''Right now, the heavyweight division is dead. The Klitschko brothers and their opponents are just filling their bags. Their opponents will not improve, they wouldn't have even made sparring partners with me,'' said Lewis to German paper Stern.

''At some point, the referee steps in and stops the fight'' he said. ''They are boring. If you are looking to decide the best boxer in the world it must be decided by an epic fight. Not this circus.''

To be fair to the Klitschko's, there is not really anybody capable of giving them an epic fight at this moment in time. Maybe the likes of David Price or Seth Mitchell in a few years time when the brothers are older and weaker but apart from that there is absolutely nobody. The last man that gave either brother an epic and memorable fight was Lennox Lewis himself when he clashed with older brother Vitali in his final fight.

Lewis then went on to talk about a possible return to the ring. ''For 100 million, I'd come back... For that I would take my pyjamas off and go to the gym.''

He has said many times before that he is too smart to come back, but has he changed his mind. Could this be the long awaited move that will add much more drama and excitement to the heavyweight division?

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