Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Kimbo Slice pulls out of fight... But still wants to fight on the same show!

On March 24th Kimbo Slice was set to continue with his undefeated boxing career against Mike Glenn but now it seems he has pulled out of the fight against Glenn but still wants to fight on the same show.
Nobody is quite sure why this is, we just know that a source close to Mike Glenn has announced to the world that Kimbo Slice has pulled out of the fight and that Slice told the promoter of the show that he would still fight on the same day and the same show but against a different opponent. He stated that in no way shape or form did he want to fight Mike Glenn.
It’s only Glenn’s first pro bout... So what reason does Kimbo Slice have to be scared? Maybe he heard that Glenn had only been stopped once during his whole cage fighting career and that was due to a dangerous cut, so maybe he didn’t fancy the chances of knocking him out.
The only excuse that Kimbo’s camp are giving at the moment is that all Kimbo wanted more filming time during the build up to the fight and apparently Glenn’s camp didn’t want that. So they want to fight someone who will not be against filming and will help Kimbo Slice actually get somewhere in his let down of his boxing career.
Going into his first fight Kimbo was a top prospect because of his wrestling and cage fighting background but since then he has failed to live up to the expectations of the fans and the media. This will most likely damage his reputation even more.
The promoter is the person who has really been hit by this as he now needs to quickly try and organise two new fights for the show. One for Kimbo Slice and one for Mike Glenn.

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